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Cookie Policy

  1. “Cookies” mean IT data stored on end user devices for websites use. In particular, they are text files containing the name of the website they originate from, the duration of their storage on end device, as well as a unique number.
  2. The service does not automatically collect any information, except for the information contained in cookies.
  3. Cookies are intended for website usage. Medical Solutions Group Sp. z o.o., Service Owner based in Warsaw, uses cookies to:
    • enable user log in and session maintenance on each subsequent page of the service
    • match website content to individual user preferences; the files recognize user device to display pages according to user preferences
    • create anonymous statistics, excluding identifiable user information.
  4. In order to protect entrusted data, we have developed internal procedures and recommendations to prevent data sharing with unauthorized persons. We control their execution and constantly verify their compliance against relevant legal acts.
  5. By default, web-browsing software allows saving cookies on end user devices. These settings may be changed by users to block automatic processing of cookies in browser settings or send notifications each time they are sent to a user device.
  6. Service users can change cookie settings at any time. Detailed information about the options and methods of handling cookies is available in software (browser) settings.
  7. Changing browser settings may prevent your browser from working correctly.